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The Power to Exchange: A Complete Listing of Timeshare Exchange Companies Worldwide


One of the main reasons many timeshare owners purchase timeshare is for the power to exchange their resort and week(s) for other exciting timeshare vacation opportunities around the world. Some timeshare owners love going to the same resort at the same time every year and that’s terrific. Others want the versatility offered by timeshare exchange companies like Resort Condominiums International (RCI), Interval World also known as Interval International (ll).

Membership in RCI timeshare and similar exchange companies gives you control over your vacation ownership experience. You may own a US timeshare, but you have the ability to travel to thousands of resorts worldwide within each individual exchange company’s affiliate system. Spend your precious time discovering new places not wasting it scouring the web for timeshare exchange company information and website links. We’ve done the work for you—check out our complete listings below.

Vacation for Free with Home Exchange


Timeshare owners aren’t the only ones with the power to exchange. Tens of thousands of homeowners exchange or “swap” their homes to make their vacation dreams a reality every year and it has become a hot new trend in vacationing. So popular in fact, the trend has been featured in stories in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Washington Post and on major networks like ABC, CBS and NBC. With companies like Home Exchange, you can vacation anywhere in the world without spending more than you would be staying home, with the exception of travel cost. Own a home in Arizona, but want to see your family heritage come alive in Ireland? Our listings include the top home exchange companies that will make it a reality!


Exchange Companies

Exchange CompanyAddressCity - State - CountryPhoneWeb Site
Dial An Exchange7250 North 16th Street, Suite 402Phoenix, AZ
Interval International6262 Sunset Drive, Penthouse OneMiami, FL 33143,
Marriott Owner Trades4355 CR 16Canandaigua, NY
Platinum Interchange1300 N. Kellogg Dr., Suite BAnaheim, CA
Resort Condominiums International (RCI)9998 North Michigan RoadCarmel, IN 46032,
Resort to ResortSuite 326-375 Water St.Vancouver, BC V6B SC6,
The San Francisco Exchange Company1900 North Loop Rd.Alamedia, CA
Trading Places International23807 Aliso Creek Road, Ste.100Laguna Niguel, CA 92677,


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